7XDE [short: seven-X] is an independent dance project, who don't cares about todays musical mainstream.
We live for music, no matter what kind of style :-)

Some crazy history & discography:

We started making music in 1991 on Amiga (Protracker, Yeah!) under the pseudonym "2 Colours" and distributed our tapes on the local stores nearby. Since this, we released about 50 tracks and 2 albums, which were pressed as limited edition of only 200 copies.

In 1998, we finally switched to PC hardware and a sequencer software called "Buzz" (this was amazing at this era of musical software). Our pseudonym changed to "Mastercut Project" and two years later our freestyle track "Tears are Falling" hit some radio stations (Radio DasDing, Top of the month internet newcomers) with great success. Beside this, another track (Die unbeschreibliche Angst zu lieben) was pressed on a 25.000 copies edition at the german "Gamestar Magazin" as background music. Among 2000 and 2010 we've made a lot of independet projects like jingles for radio stations, intros/opener for booking & music agencys and shorter cover songs which were released on youtube. Secondarily, in 2010 the songtress/vocalist "Aurora" joined the project.


In 2012 our track "Everyday I'm Javelin" (based on the video game "Battlefield 3", referring to the partyrock-anthem, but based on the video game with a CGI animated movie) arrived on the net with more than 1.000.000 clicks on ChaBoyyHD's Youtube-Channel in the first weeks. Since this, we've decided to stay at the "7XDE" pseudonym, cause it was the youtube channel name at this time and it also has a deeper meaning: [7X = sevenX = 7 characters of my prename; DE = germany]. After the the big hit with "Everyday I'm Javelin", we were on everyone's lips on nearly every scene magazin around video games. Also the developer (EA, Dice, Electronic Arts) rewarded us for our outstanding work.


In 2014 we've landed another "scene hit" with the track "ADA Refactor", which is based on Google's famous argumented reality game "Ingress". This track was also released only on youtube with a video clip and later on "Mental Madness Records", the label of the famous act: "Brooklyn Bounce".

Future plans:

We wanna make our music accessible for everyone. Not only for the nerds who spend all their time on the net. Also, we love nearly every style of music, no matter where it comes from. This is our holy slogan: Whatever you do, don't follow "the" mainstream! Music is about feelings and moods, we don't wanna sound like all other the others. That's what makes 7XDE unique!

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